Tiny homes look great when you use Vinyl Cladding Professionals for your cladding.

Tiny house builds on the rise

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We’ve been following the stellar rise of tiny house builds in Victoria.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming about a simple life off-grid. Or spent time contemplating that space at the bottom of the garden. Perhaps you’re desperate to get into the property market. Now imagine downsizing to lighten your stress (and your impact on the earth). Whatever the reason, tiny house builds in Victoria are popping up everywhere.

And what better way to finish off your tiny house build than our lightweight, energy-efficient, low maintenance vinyl cladding.

Going off-grid to build your tiny house

If you’re looking for an off-grid hideaway our vinyl cladding is a perfect lightweight solution. More importantly, it can be delivered (almost) anywhere. Get the location you want, without compromising comfort. Being self-sufficient just got that little bit easier. Add foam insulation and a foil wrap under your cladding and your tiny home just got a lot more snug!

Prefer a movable lifestyle on wheels? Again, the lightweight nature of cladding is a perfect fit. It also has amazing weatherproofing resilience and a Codemark certification for cyclone rated winds. Nomads never had it so good.

Gaining a toehold with a tiny home

If you’re in despair just trying to gain a toehold in the property market consider this – tiny houses require a much smaller investment. In addition, vinyl cladding provides much better value than alternative building solutions.

Scaling up your property options

Already in the market but looking for the next investment? Try the garden! The benefits of a granny flat don’t necessarily end with the grandparents moving in. You could be sitting on a great source of extra income. A quality vinyl weatherboard finish can deliver an authentic cottage look – without the ‘cottage’ maintenance. Our long-lasting cladding solutions means no on-going maintenance, so no bothering potential tenants with up-keep.

Scaling down with a tiny house build

If downsizing to a tiny home is your burning passion here’s even more great news. Comfort and liveability are important, but maybe actually living your sustainable values matters too. Our vinyl cladding has long-term environmental benefits. From a long lifespan and recyclability to a low-waste manufacturing cycle and light transport footprint.

So there you have it. Four great reasons to fall in love with the tiny homes trend. And four great reasons to love vinyl cladding.

If you need advice on how to clad your new home, contact our specialist team for a free, no-obligation quote.

To see examples of Vinyl Cladding Professionals projects go to our gallery or Instagram feed.