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The top 8 benefits of cladding house and home

Vinyl cladding is Australia’s premium choice for cladding house and investment properties. Used extensively in Australasia for over 30 years, the benefits really stack up. We install Mitten Vinyl and Royal Building cladding products. Get a lifetime (50-year) transferrable warranty. A fixed price policy. No hidden costs. And a seven year labour warranty. 

Cost effective cladding from Vinyl Cladding Professionals


The price you pay for your house cladding install is all-inclusive. We supply the whole system, even the fixing screws. No unforeseen costs. No ongoing maintenance.

Energy efficient cladding from Vinyl Cladding Professionals

Energy efficient

External cladding provides ongoing savings over its lifespan. When insulated, cladding reduces the temperature variation (R-value) in your home. Keep the heat in when it’s cold and out when it’s hot.

Fast installation cladding from Vinyl Cladding Professionals

Fast installation

Quicker and easier to install than timber weatherboards. Our wall cladding requires no sanding, prepping or painting, ever. Get the whole install done in a matter of days.

Low maintenance cladding from Vinyl Cladding Professionals

Low maintenance

Keep your cladding looking like new with an occasional wash down from the garden hose. That’s it. No flaking, peeling, rotting, rusting, water absorption, warping or twisting.

Vinyl Cladding Professionals 50 year Lifetime Warranty


Our cladding panels are lightweight but extremely tough. Designed to look great for decades. Even after wind, rain, hail, sunshine and extreme temperatures. In the unlikely event a board gets damaged it’s easy to remove, colour match and replace. Backed up with a Lifetime (50-year) Transferable Warranty.

Colour Rich Mitten Vinyl Cladding from Vinyl Cladding Professionals


UV protection means colour depth right through the cladding board. It cannot be scratched off. A real bonus for hard to reach accents and upper levels.

UV stable vinyl cladding from Vinyl Cladding Professionals

UV stable

Vinyl cladding contains titanium dioxide to provide UV stability. Like a sunscreen, it keeps your cladding safe from the sun. So your exterior colour will look vibrant for decades.

Vinyl cladding safety performance from Vinyl Cladding Professionals

Safety record

We only use Mitten Vinyl and Royal Building cladding products. Our range comes with excellent performance and safety specs.

Environmental performance

Vinyl cladding is widely recognised for its contribution to sustainable building practices. It is made using environmentally responsible materials and processes. The result is a resource-efficient product over its lifespan.

The manufacture of vinyl cladding is a very efficient process. Based on commonly available materials it generates almost zero waste. Most scrap is recycled during the process. This recycled vinyl is in high demand by many industries.

The product’s low-impact footprint outweighs any environmental impacts from manufacturing and disposal. This lightweight product also requires fewer resources to transport. And, it continues to deliver, with decades of energy-saving benefits.

Engineered to last, vinyl cladding has an excellent lifecycle rating. Designed to resist deterioration means vinyl cladding is a long-lasting, low maintenance product. No harsh chemicals are needed for cleaning or refinishing purposes.

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