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External wall cladding using vinyl weatherboards

External wall cladding using vinyl weatherboards is the exterior your house needs. It’s a great solution, in fact, for all types of cladded building. Get a cost-effective alternative to traditional timber, brick or fibre cement. 

Our vinyl cladding products enclose your home in a snug weather-proof barrier. With an attractive, long-lasting finish you can feel good about. Because vinyl cladding is made using environmentally responsible materials and processes. It is also resource-efficient throughout the product lifecycle.

Once installed, cladding reduces energy usage and running costs. With foam and sisalation foil providing added benefits. And those benefits last a lifetime. All our products come with a 50-year lifetime guarantee.

Other savings quickly stack up too:

  • Vinyl cladding is light to transport and easy to handle onsite.
  • Fast installation can lower labour costs.
  • The low maintenance finish means no sanding or re-painting, ever.

These are just some of the benefits of plastic vinyl cladding.

External wall cladding from Vinyl Cladding Professionals

Vinyl Cladding Professionals have an extensive track-record in Australasia, for more than 15 years. And the popularity of this type of external cladding – for recladding existing homes and newly built houses – continues to grow. Due, in part, to its insulating and low maintenance characteristics. But also its durability, safety and versatility.

Over time Vinyl Cladding Professionals has extended its range to 5 stylish profiles, sourced from a range of manufacturers. With over 35 colours to choose from, we have the most extensive vinyl cladding colour palette available in Australia. Each board comes with UV protection – colour that goes right through the board. This means the colour won’t fade and cannot be scratched off.

Our sales team know how to deliver excellent service and provide advice on what products will best suit your project. Our installers have worked in the industry for over 30 years and know how to get the job done right. Get a reliable team that can be trusted to leave you 100% satisfied.

Cost Effective - Vinyl Cladding Professionals


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Durable 50 year lifetime transferable warranty - Vinyl Cladding Professionals


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