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Improve your home energy efficiency with Sisalation Foil wrap

Sisalation foil wraps your home in a second skin. Get the ultimate barrier to protect your home from Australia’s harsh climatic conditions. Reduce those soaring energy costs. The better the insulation the more energy efficient your home will be.

  • Stops moisture transfer from external to internal walls
  • Provides a barrier to prevent wind and dust
  • Minimises draughts within wall cavities
  • Stops radiant heat transfer
  • Improves performance of insulated wall cladding

Why do I need Sisalation Foil?

Keep snug and warm in winter and cool in summer. Boost your home’s insulation with a Sisalation Foil wrap. Applied first, under foam-backed vinyl cladding, it adds an extra layer of weatherproofing. Get an additional level of energy efficiency for your home.

Vinyl cladding weatherboards are a great insulation solution – for all types of housing. Forget traditional timber, brick or fibre cement. Combined with a Sisalation Foil wrap, it’s the snuggest exterior a home can get.

And the savings keep stacking up. Our in-house installation team are the best in the business – fast and professional. Once your Sisalation Foil wrap and cladding installation are complete, that’s it. No further work required, unlike wooden weatherboards.

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Energy Efficient - Vinyl Cladding Professionals

energy efficient

Durable 50 year lifetime transferable warranty - Vinyl Cladding Professionals

lifetime transferable

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