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Exterior vinyl cladding colour trends

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Exterior vinyl cladding doesn’t just offer a wide variety of colour options.

Superior performance from our Mitten Vinyl cladding range delivers Colour-Rich™ UV protection – 100% colour depth right through the board. It can’t be scratched off and never needs painting. Ever. Of course, this means you want to get the colour right. After all, your stylish exterior cladding is going to last for a very long time.

With more choice across the spectrum, it’s easy to find the perfect colour for your home exterior. Lighter colours, which don’t always work on flat rendered walls, can look great on weatherboard cladding. And darker colours, which can warp traditional timber weatherboards, can look stunning.

So, what next in the (slowly) changing colour trends for house exteriors?

Grey is out 

Rumour is that grey, as an exterior palette, has had its day. But lighter, softer tones – even those with hints of grey – are still popular. If a grey finish still has that enduring appeal, don’t despair. Consider a more fashionable grey, such as Mitten Vinyl’s Satin Grey, with its beautiful blue-grey hue.

Warmer, earthier shades

The move away from cool greys also coincides with a shift to warm neutrals and beiges. Our vinyl cladding range includes soft naturals like Bone White and warmer tones such as Golden Sand and Sandalwood. Narrow down your colour choices and then check how they look outside. Colours often look lighter when viewed in natural light.

Dark colours still popular 

The inclination towards darker colours for exterior cladding is still strong. Not only are darker colours more vibrant and striking, but the natural shadow line created with the overlapping boards is more prominent.

This tonal variation is one of the best contemporary features dark colours can offer. Even better the problem of timber, with dark-paint finishes, warping when exposed to the hot sun is solved. Exterior vinyl cladding has colour infused right through the board. It doesn’t warp, flake or rot.


If you’re not 100% sure about making a bold colour statement, you can always soften the look. Exterior colour schemes usually rely on more than one colour. And often more than one substrate. A lighter colour can be used for features such as architectural detailing, eaves, window sashes or the front door highlighted in an accent colour.

How do you decide?

Looking for inspiration from your wider surroundings can help. What type of statement do you want to make? An exterior that softly blends in or stands out in bold contrast. Just remember, whatever shades you choose, they will be there a long time. You may want to re-think that grey.

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